Case Management Features

Patient & Care Team Data Management
Create client navigation accounts. Enter all your clients' care team contact data, service records, performance data. Add formatted note entries for your day to day recordkeeping functions.
Communication Management
Use Navigation Tracker to send secure email to all your patients and caregivers. All your email is recorded in the system enabling safe storage, organized review, reporting and data download. Mail messages are formatted in a familiar MS Word editor using your secure account.
Schedule Management
Use Navigation Tracker to track all appointments you setup for all your accounts. View calendars that show all the appointments for all your accounts, or isolate appointments for a single account.
Service Tracking and Invoicing
Keep track of all your billable and non-billable work using the pop-up window timer. Automatically generate invoices for your clients. Printable & Email-able invoices are formatted with your company's logo.
Assessment & Survey Management
Design and perform your own assessments for your company. Design intake-interviews and other assessments that other navigators can use to standardize data-input, storage and reporting for your company. Export all your survey data to MS Excel or CSV files.
Insurance Claim and Policy Data Management
Clients can enter and review their own insurance data. They can review data entered by the Navigator. This promotes collaborative work on complex insurance claims.
Coordinate with your Family & Caregivers
Family members can invite other members to collaborate in the patient portal. Adult children can work together on elder parent insurance charges & claims management.
Insurance Claim Resolution
Enter insurance policy insurance and company information, family members and claims data. Work on individual insurance resolution projects by using worksheets.

System Updates
Recently Released Features :
Patient Pool Management.
We have worked with Navigation Teams managing large patient pools to enhance the way patients are searched and tracked. These new tools improve the way patients can be listed and searched within Organizational and Workflow groups.

Research and Customer Lead Database Integration.
We have integrated a Secure Customer Lead and Health Research Database in NT. Located under Company Functions there are two database tools that you can use to share Lead Contact Information and Research topics across your company.

SOAP Note Templates.
(Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) SOAP Templates provides a standard method to write out formatted notes in a patient's chart, such as the admission note.

Patient Portal Secure Attachment Links.
Attach secure document links in your portal email messages. This allows you to directly reference documents in your patient & care team communications.

Enhanced Dashboard.
We've updated the system with a more advanced dashboard providing more tools that allow faster navigation into the areas used most in the NT application.