Data Storage and HIPAA Compliance Security Features

NT provides data management security technologies required by HIPAA in order to help protect your navigation program. These features are available from other independent companies but Navigation Tracker pulls all these features together in an integrated environment that allows you to focus on your navigation work, and let NT provide these IT services for your navigation program.
Data Management Security Features:
Navigation Tracker provides tools to help you keep your records HIPAA compliant. Navigation Tracker features include:
  • 256 Bit SSL Encrypted Authentication.
  • Permission Based Access to Patient Records.
  • Audit Logs of Records Access.
  • Encrypted Document Storage.
These tool can be provided by other web-based service providers independently, but NT ties all of these features together in order to provide a unified data management system.

Designed to Support :
  • Independent Patient Advocates
  • Clinical Navigation Programs
  • Clinical Research Studies
  • Public Health Studies
  • Wellness Programs
  • Barrier to Care Assessments
Navigation Tracker was designed specifically to save you time, standardize your data management, store your data securely and grow your business. View details here:
Navigation Tracker was designed by studying the workflows and data requirements of successful patient focused agencies.
In order to get you started quickly and easily we provide subscription plans that allow you to demo the system for free and then pay proportionally based on usage.
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